Thursday, February 21, 2008

That's right you plebe fucks: I'm powerful as shit and I like 'em blond and rich!

(a tale of three ladies)

Salon tells the sad story of Carol McCain:

But McCain was making bold career moves on the home front, hotly pursuing a 25-year-old blond [Cindy] from a wealthy Arizona family -- while married. Carol, his wife at the time, had once been quite a babe herself apparently, until a near-fatal car accident (while her husband was in Vietnam) left her 4 inches shorter, overweight and on crutches. The couple had three children, whom Carol cared for alone while her husband was in Vietnamese prisons.

The aforementioned richie/hottie/homewrecker, Cindy McCain:

Sadly for Cindy, blond and rich is now available in the younger, lobbyister variety:

The end? Not while John Sidney McCain III remains above ground!

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