Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Steve" Stevelson's Saturday Bucket List

"A Bucket List...It's a list you make of things you want to do before you..."
"Kick the Bucket.  Cutesy...We can do this."

The Bucket List (the movie) taught me to enjoy every day as if it was the last day I would ever be alive because once you're dead, you've "kicked the bucket." Which is why on last Saturday I decided that I would "kick the bucket" that night so I had to do all the best things I could during the day before it happened. 

So I told my friends, let's make a "Saturday Bucket List."  It will be fun and we'll also inspire lots of other people to follow our lead so they can make their own bucket lists and share them with other folks in the Blogosphere like here on DiSaronno Blog.
We came up with a pretty good list:

The first thing we did was to decide to do a Bucket List on Saturday which was a pretty crazy idea to start with.   It was completely spontaneous...so we crossed "Do Something Completely Spontaneous" off of the Bucket List: FYI -- when you do something on the Bucket List, you can cross it off; when all items are crossed off, you can die.

At the top of the Empire State Building, we saw a pigeon which was looking out over the city like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman when they look out over the Pyramids of Giza.  We wrote a poem about birds and how high they could fly in the sky.

That was "two birds with one stone!": go to Empire State Building and Be Inspired Enough to Write a Poem.

Here's an inspiring shot from The Bucket List where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freemon are on a safari and messing around with guns. Shooting guns is a good thing for a bucket list:

Continuing our journey, we decided to get nitty (and gritty!) on the Staten Island Ferry. It's a free ride to America's original island hangout.

The Staten Island Ferry has lots of happy people because it's free!  And I'll give you an insider's tip: it's Another Twofer.  Riding the Staten Island ferry not only takes you to Staten Island but also lets you Look at Something Beautiful like the Statue of Liberty.  It just so happens that looking at something beautiful was number 4 on our Bucket List and going to Staten Island was number 2.  Fuck yeah you stupid cunts!

After our fun day, we had almost crossed off the entire list:

So we decided to commit group suicide by hanging...

JK!  We didn't because we never got to shoot guns (or take a Helicopter Tour!)

Oh well...We hope to make all of our Saturdays filled with fun due to Bucket Lists. And we hope you do to! Share your bucket lists with me, Steve "Steve" Stevelson Steveston.  Until next Saturday...


Robert Lee said...

I think the movie had the right idea the whole time. If I were composing a bucket list, I would definitely include hanging out with an old black guy on mine.

patty swayze said...

And you!!! Fetch me another stick of licorice!!!

Firebird said...

My bucket list:

1. Kill Steve "Steve" Stevelson Steveston

2. Die