Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prognosticating the Future

Many refer to baseball as America's national pastime. It's simple, classic, and timeless. Plus, everyone here in the US is already on steroids anyway, so it's easily relatable. Well we here at the Dblog have just unearthed a phenomenon that is certain to sweep our nation. That's right, we're talking about Kancho. Fine-tuned and widely spread throughout Japan, Kancho is the art of inserting your clasped index fingers into an unsuspecting rectum. Sounds fun, right? I mean who would honestly turn down a free colon inspection or take umbrage at the fact that a complete stranger feels the need to tickle your poo-hole? Not us here at the Dblog. We are equally opportunity hobby enthusiasts and support all cultural games, from indian burns to happy corners. Nevertheless, we feel quite strongly about the potential for Kancho in the States and are officially declaring that it will be the biggest foreign infusion into American culture since PF Chang's, David Beckham, and Sudoku . . . COMBINED! With its history of success among children and the existence of an already marketable video game featuring lovable characters ranging from prostitute to child molester, it's only a matter of time people. I mean, look how much fun these kids are having

Get your fingers ready ladies and gentlemen, because America is about to get probed!

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