Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Part Devil . . . Part Legend . . . All Man

I just recently stumbled across probably one of the most offensively-titled movies ever to slip past the MPAA. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm referring to that cinematic gem called Boss Nigger. Back in the day when paint still had lead, the internet only existed in Al Gore's head, and racism was apparently hip, movies like Boss Nigger only garnered PG ratings. I suppose Americans had thicker skin back then.

Delving deeper into this issue, I wanted to discern whether or not this PG label was valid. Using Youtube and Wikipedia to conduct my scholarly research, I came across some inconclusive evidence. According to the scant plot summary on Wikipedia, two black bounty hunters make themselves sherriffs in a new town because there isn't a sherriff and they're black so everyone is afraid of them. What? The trailer on Youtube didn't provide much more information either. The only facts I could deduce were the following:

1) Figthing was very, very cool/fun

2) No one knew how to aim a gun

3) A lot of people were shot (including one in the hand)

4) The world used to be dustier

5) There were no black people in the West before 1975

6) You don't need a developed plot line to write a movie if you have an ex-football player as your lead actor/writer

7) You can still be a whole man as long as you are only part legend and part devil

8) A moustache is the quickest way to intimidate someone

9) Racial epithets will cost you $20 or 2 days in jail (rates have obviously been adjusted with current market trends and basic inflation over the years)

10) Horses never get shot

So after much careful deliberation and research, I think it's pretty clear that this movie is suitable for a PG viewing audience. From a historical and cultural context, few films can match the authentic savvy of this picture. In addition, the bold panache of Williamson will surely captivate your children and teach them valuable lessons about justice, racial differences, and legends/devils. Pick up a copy today!

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