Saturday, February 23, 2008

Laah Laugh Poooteen Part V

They exit bond street after purchasing a property. then fucking light a bomb in the basment and blow that shit to piss.

they ask themselves, “is this even bond street”?

“ we c foured that building can’t wait to blow out let’s jet off to cleveland; I'm really getting into this lifestyle and they've got new airports there.”

“Nobody likes condos. Whites have eaten out the pussy of the lower east side. And it is now a hollow corpse.”

my broker is a gemini filthy scum. that’s why i can’t sleep at night without burning newspapers . I hate eating cunts from little female babies.

alright i’m down but also kill some people and take over this whole crazy country that’s bounded by a bunch of rivers and oceans.\

Giant male clay figure tranny fucking dude enters.

“Hello fucking female eastern european slut. Let’s fuck, womanfellow!

then slapped across the cunt, they decided to take a train to slovakia and start a magazine and make love over the strewn pages of their past issues.

MAGAZINE MAGAZINE. Who can even read or eat or comprehend this stupid shit? I can’t wait to talk to Serbastian, that fucker, he slighted me before; I’ve already slaughtered his sad children.

How were you this good? i don’t remember this in prague. but things about this geography is that none of us can make eat pussy

That’s the thing about good old stories. Sometimes you can’t assimilate the moral. And the moral of this story is stop snitchin’ I learned that the hard way the hard is prison when the slide up against the bathroom tiles and make yourself sing love.

sense of it. We are all victims of the vocabulary of white people, which are the worst people. BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!

I realize I’m black. I can’t believe I didn’t nuke Bond St. , only blew it up.


Eugene Dick said...

This is the worst piece. I'd nominate it for a grammy.

Luigi DiSaronno said...

Wow this is a piece of shit. A Bond: Act III will be so much better.