Friday, February 15, 2008

Damn The Blue Man, Save The Astor!

The Astor Place Theatre is an architectural/historical gem. How gem-y you ask? So gem-like that no modern photograph can capture The Astor in its overflowed and nekkid glory (I had to settle for this old-timey print). The Astor is so fantastic that it diminishes pretty much every building in the city by comparison. Shames them. Yet The Astor Place Theatre is enslaved by purveyors of bad art: The Blue Man Group.

But you defend these blue philistines. Have I ever seen The Blue Man Group perform, you ask? No I have not, but I believe that my taste level is high enough to judge a thing without having even ever given it a chance. If you believe this to be so too, you should join my jihad. Damn The Blue Man, Save The Astor!

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Eugene Dick said...

Yeah. I've seen this piece of avant garde futuristic love affair. It was pretty good because they threw pieces of marshmellows in their faces. I enjoy the best pieces of life. And those pieces are made of nachos cheese and sour cream. Get real Luigi. You're a xenophobe blue-hater. I'd rail your skinny ass to the break of dawn. Thomas Jefferson had words for your bitch ass: "Love haters, go make coitus with your selfe-hating cloverfield."